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Tips for Minimalist Living Room Interiors Ideas


Minimalist living room interiors are light and discreet, stable and practical without unneeded items and each thing in the room has its place. Nowadays individuals who prefer the minimalist style when decorating their own homes become more and more, and there are many reasons for this since the living room is intended not just to entertain friends but also to adapt the relatives and their everyday pursuits. As always, performance influences design and minimalist interiors aren’t just stylish and stylishly decorated, but also ample and comfortable.

The idea of minimalism was initially formulated by the German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who developed the notion of a departure from pretentiousness to ease of forms. All his works are distinguished from rigorous geometric lines and complete lack of any decor. On the other hand, the attractiveness of these buildings and interiors he created is located precisely in the equilibrium of proportions and using materials like marble, onyx, bronze, ivory metal and natural wood. Similar to any other designer fashion, minimalism has its own varieties.

Tips for Minimalist Living Room Interiors Ideas - Tips for Minimalist Living Room Interiors Ideas

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Many men and women think that designing minimalist living room interiors is a simple job since the clear lines and free space are deceiving. Professional designers understand how it is more challenging to make a modern style interior than, as an instance, a Shabby chic, Provence as well as rustic. We will have a good look at the main characteristics and significant details that can help you produce a functional and aesthetically pleasing living room. Choosing light colors such as white, creamy, beige or ashy shades and restricted usage of accents such as brick, orange and yellow will make an airy setting. All colors must be muted, as natural as you can. In the majority of situations, two main colors are selected for interior decoration and also a third contrasting color is introduced with the support of accents. The most recent trends in interior design have made a few additions to minimalism — beige and coffee shades are used, in addition to natural shades of brown. Wood is widely utilized in addition to stone, glass, polished concrete, steel, reflective surfaces. For those walls it is ideal to utilize wooden panels or a walnut, plaster, brick and concrete. The only decoration of the walls in the living room is a modern flat-screen TV, a mirror in a rigorous frame, many photographs of the exact same size or a massive painting.

The ceiling has to be an perfect level surface in white. As an alternative for enormous spaces and with the intention of zoning gypsum plaster constructions with rigorous contours or extend ceilings may be utilized. A carpeting or a area rug of premium quality and made from natural substances can allow you to split the region into zones that are operational. The main place in a minimalist living room is given to gentle geometric furniture, for instance a low rectangular couch. Armchairs possess an ascetic appearance and are frequently substituted by pouffs. Furniture pieces must have smooth, flat facades with no painting, carving and other decor. Compact modular furniture using a minimum number of cabinets, shelves and other elements is a fantastic selection. It has to be recalled that the furniture in the living room may be the focal point of everybody’s interest. Therefore, select contemporary items made from natural substances. Lighting must make a feeling of freedom, spaciousness and weightlessness, to make simplicity and openness to ensure light floods the room. Original lighting fittings with geometric shapes are a wonderful way to add a decorative element to the interior.

When planning your minimalist interior, be certain you notice proportions, eliminate unnecessary things and produce an air of spaciousness. Use discreet colors and eliminate any clutter. Bear in mind that lighting is significant therefore be bold and experiment with natural and artificial light.