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Awesome DIY Garden Raised Bed Ideas

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There has been a considerable increase in the number of people turning to their gardens to grow their own vegetables to save money and to eat healthier food.

Raised beds can be any shape or size, provided the website where you place them gets six to eight hours of sunlight a day, unless the plants you intend to grow are shade lovers. Those standard rectangular beds are normally a few feet wide by six to eight feet long. At the size you should have the ability to reach into the raised bed effortlessly without having to set foot in it. This keeps the soil nice and loose, rather than compacting it.

1 quick tip on raised bed placement: If you are building or setting up multiple raised beds, be certain to leave adequate space between them to walk, kneel, or even browse a wheelbarrow involving them. You will want to add compost or mulch to the beds or in between them over the years, which means you would like to ensure each raised bed is simple to access.