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17 Creative Painted Beer Pong Table Ideas

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Painted Beer Pong Table 17 - 17 Creative Painted Beer Pong Table Ideas

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Painted Beer Pong Table - Beer pong tables, what's not to adore about these? These tables come in handy for many diverse events and will be the ideal accessory for any party, gathering, or even tailgate. Owning a beer pong table may be a fantastic investment for anyone who is a regular sponsor or guest about these kind of occasions.

Perhaps you utilize your beer pong table to play beer pong and other table games, then perhaps you use yours to placing food dishes or serving drinks.

The sport of ping pong, also called table tennis, has long been a favourite past-time for many households for many decades. It could be performed indoors or outdoors, by kids and adults. In case you've got a ping pong table which you've built or you that has to be revitalized, you'll have to understand how to paint it. It is not merely an issue of applying a coating of paint; you are going to need to understand what kind to use and in which to paint the white lines.

Collect all of the resources and supplies to this project . You'll require primer in addition to dark green and white alkyd, or chalkboard, paint to the surface. The matte finish will decrease warmth, and it is also durable and scratch-resistant. Select two distinct widths of painter's tape also and a paint brushes along with even a paint roller and tray.

Before you start painting, assess out any gouges or scratches which require repairs. Apply wood filler using a putty knife in the event the damage is heavy, and then sand the face and wash away the dust to get a clean surface. Just take this opportunity to eliminate any old paint in the table also if there is any. A clean piece of sandpaper can remove any loose or cracked paint in addition to any finish which should interfere with all the brand new coat.

Allow it to dry thoroughly according to the instructions on the label of your product.

Lay camouflage for your White Lines

The negative lines and the finish line are put along the borders of the ping pong table. These lines are 3/4-inch thick, so the negative lines run the length of the table whereas the conclusion lines operate the width. There is also a center line that has to be recorded. It is 1/8-inch thick and it runs the length of the table in the center.

When the primer has dried thoroughly, assess the diameter of this table and indicate the specific center along the span. This is the place where the center line will be found. Using the 1/8-inch broad painters tape, then a strip lengthwise from 1 end of this table into another, keeping them straight as you can. Press the tape down firmly so green paint won't float under it. Subsequently, using the 3/4-inch painters tape, then jog strips along all four edges of the table.

Insert the Green Paint

Apply two coats of this green chalkboard paint, making certain the very first coat has dried according to the manufacturer's instructions until you use the second.

If the green paint is totally dry, carefully remove the masking tape in the table . Using a small paint brushvery attentively apply two coats of the white paint within the lines, allowing it to dry thoroughly between coats. If you aren't certain you will have the ability to free hand paint the white lines, you also are able to conduct longer masking tape along the outside borders of the place in which the white paint belongs. Should you do this, be really cautious once you remove the tape in order to don't peel any one of the tape.

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